“I think I have lost my mind. No one told me what comes next. Who knew that a few dreams will become my new world? I was content with my monotonous teenage existence, until I met my match in a sword named Joyese. Imagine a Cabin in the woods, surrounded by talking white wild-flowers. Then there is a Phoenix and a Griffin that protects us until we find our own powers. We are related to the legendary King Arthur, yet this is the least of my surprise. Evil lurks everywhere, and there is tell of a battle that will cost Wonderlanders everything.”When a portal opens in front of him in a disused field one night, Drew realizes his dreams of another realm are not mere dreams; they are real memories. There is a forgotten legend of a boy sent into hiding, a prince of the Tribe of Lion, and a mighty destiny to answer to. Is he that boy? What threat sent him and his family into hiding? And what has a talking tree have to do with all of this? Then … it is too late for questions. Destiny comes for him. The threat is real.

Tribe of Lion book

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