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So, some prep work...

This week, there will be some prep work, actually a whole lot of prep work and it's wonderful. Truly wonderful. You know, the boxset that I am working on with some other authors. Before the gloom and glory, the reviews or the bragging can start. Before a thankful heart and endless appreciation for the privelege to be able to do what we do, is that we've got to do some actual work first. Preparing the ingredients, planning on how to do it and when to do it, cook the meal, when to serve it. A book promo or release is pivotal to the end result.

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But, what do you mean by actual work? Don't you work? Haven't you written the story already? If you're scratching your head right now, let me get to the point. Well, in a little bit.

There are so many things needed in order to have a favorable outcome. Selling books, writing books, releasing books or boxsets, all require a special recipe. It has to be tested, tasted, trialed, known, loved and the sacrifice to it all is time. There's no rush in the product. In order to be able to deliver the very best, to make sure that the client in this case, the reader licks of his or her fingers (figuratively of course), thoughts, providing pleasure to the imagination, it had to be tested and tasted.

It's in the taste, the fragrance, the nuasance, suspense, flow. The created experience with liberty and freedom of the reader to explore all options, the journey must be worth the ride. The whole experience, a feel, to live it, to dream it, to have it inside of you, in order for the reader to also be a part of the creative journey. In order to attain that, the cover the edit, the plot, charater development etc. It all plays its part, yet, if no one knew about the author or the book, then well. It's just sad, ain't it?

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So, sometimes the little Facebook or Twitter updates of the author, life in general, normal stuff, are a part of the spice that add to the sassyness of the book (cusine). Spices are the secrets to great no exquisite cusines, as well as the richness of life. So are all the little things that authors do. It just isn't about the sales for an author. Obviously it does play a role and a very important one per se. Yet, we do all of it for the very reason we decided to be authors. In order for us to get our stories out there, to give a message, we need to be connected to the readers and therefore we need to connect.

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So, how do we do it all? Are we superheroes? Oh gosh, I sometimes feel like one. But, not for the obvious reasons. I am a mother and my 6 year old son makes me feel like a superhero. But, authors, need to connect first. Be present. In which ever manner works for them. In the 21st century social media made it extremely possible for us to be omnipresent, all over the world all at the same time. But those book signings and talks, those are the events that made me realize the readers feel that the author is real and cares. For they showed up.

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But, with the boxset, most of the authors are local and international so because of social media and amazing technology we are able to connect and communicate as authors. Therefore we are also able to connect with the readers, the audience. So this week, we learned about reaching out, creating give aways, blog promos and working on the cover. It will help us when we start reaching out to give the reader something. But what I learned in my own capacity is to start a mailing list and a newsletter. Not only to promote or sell products but to connect people, information. To connect.

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It is such a privelege as a newbie in the industry to learn from the heroes and veterans. I hope that I may remain in a positon to have a tacheable spirit always. To the readers, may my stories inspire you to be a better version of yourself in this broken world. May you love and live your best life yet. Not by effort or complacency, but by love and knowing that the very best version of yourself is already hidden within. Just shake of the lies of the world, bathe in the love bestowed on you and through my stories, for there is always hope.

Thank you for being a part of my journey and for inspiring me to be the best me.

Lots of Love

XXX Kelsey Reed

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