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New Year? New Resolutions or just 'same old, same old'?

I know, it's that time of the year when everyone gets excited about new things, new challenges and all with the best of intentions. An important things susch as a New Year's resolution is moslty a personal choice. If is out of wisdom that you choose to either stay out of the person's business or to get nosy and involved.

As an author, it's hard for me to really make any specific New Year's resolutions because most of my work is of an ongoing nature. When it comes to personal matters and family life, I do somethimes make some kind of New Year's resolution. Mostly someting in the line of being more kind, being more patient with myself and those around me, to purposefully choose wisely in my dicisions, to live more in the moment etc.

So, I had a coffee with a close friend of mine early in January, well, guess what? That old mockery and debate about 'New Year's resolutions' came up again. You know, the people who don't believe in them. Mocking the rest of the world who does? And to some extend they do have a point. But, I thought off it in a different manner.

Another mom who used to be the principle of my son's pre-school resigned to just take some time off, to be with her kids. They told her that they missed her. Guess what? She doesn't have a clue of what to do next, but she's not worried about that, only to give a little of herself or as much of herself as she can. The point is that she listened, she is trying. That means more to those kids than her trying to be it all in one, and not present anywhere.

What about those who made the hard choice of making a change, or just attemtping a change? Why assume that you'll fail just because the decision is hand in hand with the beginning of a new year? What if you made that same choice in the middle of the year? No, let me tell you. You'll be saluted for making a change, for bravery, not being conformed to the norm.

I salute you for being different, for having a voice, for making a choice that's good for you, right for you, not anyone else. And whether you succeed or not, I still salute you for all the days that you do, that it's hard to get up and go to the gym, for eating healthier, for not drinking, for sleeping more and resting more, for spending more time at home, for choosing a healthy relationship, for having a higher power that you believe in, for taking time to be with just you.

You are braver than the rest who are sitting on the sideline, big mouth enough to gossip and mock, but not fit for their own lives, not willing to make a change or sacrifice to be a better person for those around you or just yourself. They won't be able to keep up with you in real life, but you family will, you health will and your mental health will. To you, brave hero, I look up to, your kids and peers look up, your spouse of parents, for you are an inspiration indeed, keep at it. You are making a difference, even though you don't see it.

The simplicity is in making a choice, any choice, then to stick with it. That's the hard part for sure. And for that, we need the support of the 'tribe'. The mom tribe, who understands what each one is going through.

Although it's a bit later in the New Year, the rest of the year is still ahead. Stick to your choices, commit to something, learn new skills or be of service to someone.

My 2020 journey started when I decided to start a podcast in my country as well as helping up-coming authors with their work. It sounds great but I committed to myself to serve and be there for others, to prove to myself that I do show up and be the change I want in the world I live in.

Being a part of the Notorius Minds boxset was another commitment for me. In order to grow my brand, to learn new skills in the Indie world, I had to team up with the very best in the field. Thank you for following this journey with me, through the growth spirts as well as joys that come with it.

Let's make 2020 a year where mothers globally support one another, raise our children together as we support and love in 2020.


Kelsey Reed


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