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Going up the ranks? Or being trained?

Today is a unique post. Some of you also might know that I write Fantasy & Romantic Suspense or Crime dramas. Recently, I was priveledged enough to join an amazing team of authors who collectively form the Nortorius Minds Boxset. It is a crime anthology and I am a part of it. Right? Who would have thought? I am exstatic!!!

Yet, it sounds amazing and fancy. But I am being exposed to amazing USA today best selling authors who are paying it forward, training newbies such as me with grace and extreme patience. There are so many tricks to the trade to be learned, to apply and the whole group is supported with repsect and guidance. I truly am impressed with this group of authors. That's why I decided to share this boxset journey with you. In order to comprehend the ups and downs that go into wrting, promoting and reading an anthology.

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Not only is a presence on social media pivotal in gaining a reader audience, but also to proove that your only human, also having a life. Little things intrigue people, giving a point of connection, being understood. The basic human need of belonging, being understood, having a place in the son is very important to an author. Not only are we creating a safe place for the mental health, but an outlet to those who have no where else to go to.

So, for the next couple of months I will be sharing my journey as a newbie writer in the Romanitic Suspense/Crime genre on how to co-write an anthology and cross pollonate promote it. Hopefully it might help another young or old inspiring author to start his or her own journey in becoming an author.

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It is also of the utmost importance to find a group of fellow writers or supporters, be it beta readers or a critique group, to support you. Although the author's name is publish, is it a team effort that make it work. As an author you need support and encourgagement that will ultimately add to the final success of the book. You can't go at it on your own. Not only will you struggle, but your perspective might be spoiled.

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As ancient as time, as bright as day, as strong as endurance and as steadfast as love, so we need each other in this world, in this industry. I must say. One of the most endearing characteristics of being an Indie author, is the fact that we all care, we all share and we all want to improve on each other's work, talent and audience. A selfish author won't make it in the Indie world.

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I leave you with this thought:

Take the leap, breathe and believe that all will be okay. An adventure awaits far beyond your wildest dreams. And, once you find the adventure, take me there.

- Kelsey Reed

Untill next time then. Be brave, strong and kind. Always, be kind always.


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