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Tribe? Cult?

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

I’m gliding through a pinkish, silver funnel. It seems as if it’s surrounded by stars, millions of them. It’s almost like traveling through a galaxy of some kind. Fascinated by the strangeness that surrounds me, my peripheral vision spot some movement towards the right. At first, it looks like a black moving spot. Wait, it’s the women I saw going through the portal. There’s a another! Seems as if she’s chasing the culprit. I look again at the mechanics of this funnel that I’m traveling. The middle part, is standing still, in other words allowing movement within. Somehow, the three circles merge where the silver lining in each one cross over into the other.

- Kelsey Reed, Tribe of Lion

Will he emerge wiser or older on the other side? What will he find? Will he belong or be the alien intruder? He didn't ask to embark on this journey, to be ripped from his safe world and family, only to arrive alone and misunderstood.

Will he trust again? Or is wavering his middle name and winging the situation keeps him safe from sharing and caring too deep?

Who is he and will he emerge as the long foretold King?

Follow Kelsey Reed to find out.

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